While summer brings beautiful weather and gives you the chance to show off your favorite picture perfect pedicure while wearing your favorite sandals, it also often brings out oily skin for many people. Unfortunately, a consistent stretch of time where you look in the mirror and have to blot away the oil from your skin can feel demoralizing and detract from the more positive parts of summer.

What you need is an anti-oil skin care regimen just for summer, consisting of at least 3 tips to avoid oily skin during the summer! Take a look at the following ideas to see if you can work them into your skin care routine so you can put away the blotting papers, relax and take a more natural approach to cosmetics this summer.

Try Switching to an Oil-Regulating Cleanser

Even if you have a favorite skin cleanser for the rest of the year, you might help reduce the oil in your skin by simply making a change to a different skin care cleanser. However, choosing a cleanser that helps prevent oil will probably work even better. Make sure one of the primary ingredients in your summertime skin cleanser is salicylic acid. The great thing about this particular ingredient is that it helps break down oil in your pores without going overboard and drying out your skin.

Find a Mild Toner

Toners often help remove any excess oil from skin, but you need to make sure you don’t buy something too harsh that will remove the moisture from your skin. If you do use a moisture-depleting astringent, your skin will compensate by producing more oil, so you might get through the beginning of the day with dry skin, but by lunch or mid-afternoon, you will see the oily sheen on your face. Try products that contain tea tree oil and calendula extract to help balance the drying agents in your toner.

Exfoliate Weekly for Clear Pores

You will find varying degrees of exfoliating scrubs, which range from gentle to pretty intense. You want to find a gentle exfoliant to slough off dead skin cells, helping to prevent acne breakouts. What’s even more important with this tip is that, by clearing your pores, you will make your cleanser and toner work more effectively, so these three steps work together to help keep your skin matted and clear yet glowing all summer.